Dynamic and spontaneous emotional facial expression database

DynEmo is a database available to the scientific community.

• It contains 358 dynamic and natural emotional facial expressions (EFEs) displaying subjective affective states rated by both the expresser and observers.

• Methodological and contextual information is provided for each expression.

This multimodal corpus meets psychological, ethical, and technical criteria.

It is quite large, containing 358 recordings of EFE of ordinary Caucasian people (ages 25 to 65, 182 females and 176 males) filmed in natural but standardized conditions. In the Set 1, EFE recordings are associated with the affective state of the expresser (self-reported after the emotion inducing task, using dimensional, action readiness, and emotional labels items). In the Set 2, EFE recordings are both associated with the affective state of the expresser and with the time line (continuous annotations) of observers’ ratings of the emotions displayed throughout the recording. The time line allows any researcher interested in analysing non-verbal human behavior to segment the expressions into small emotion excerpts.

The full description of the DynEmo corpus (general design, emotions included, number of expressers, expressive modalities, etc.) can be found in:

Tcherkassof, A., Dupré, D., Meillon, B., Mandran, N., Dubois, M. & Adam, J.-M. (2013). DynEmo: A video database of natural facial expressions of emotions. The International Journal of Multimedia & Its Applications, 5(5), 61-80. - DOI: 10.5121/ijma.2013.5505

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